Baby steps.

“No, I really don’t want to do any more selling!” Marilyn kept saying.

Her debrief partner noted that in her strengths assessment, Marilyn’s writing skills were obvious. Marilyn’s negativity refrain shifted to “Well, you know I have always wanted to write but I am so intimidated by everyone out there who writes so well.

That was all the debrief partner needed. “How about if you start small,” she said, “see how it goes, THEN decide if writing might be for you?”

Together, they decided that a nice start would be a journalism course, and Marilyn could “test” herself with the assignments. If she liked it, she could go to a colleague at the magazine where she worked in sales and say she had an article she would like to have sent to the editor.

Wow! She went from “I don’t want to do anything” to admitting to a secret desire to write. Even better, she had a plan to see how the first attempts would work out.

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