He just wanted to be a grandpa.

Chuck came to Life’s Next Steps to support Clara, his wife. He didn’t need the workshop but Clara did because she was about to retire.

When the workshop group began sharing dreams and aspirations, Chuck, who’s a sweetheart, joined in. He told us that he’d been retired for five years and already had his dream job – daycare provider for his three grandchildren.

Everyone in the group smiled and one man wondered “What happens in two or three years when the kids go to school and suddenly you’re no longer a key part of their day care?” Chuck hadn’t thought of that, but let the topic die. For now.

Later, Chuck told his debrief partner in a dreams and aspirations exercise that he had always wanted to write but had never had time. By chance, his partner was a well-known cookbook author and she offered to spearhead a plan for Chuck.

What if he positioned himself as the “grandparenting expert” who’d keep other grandparents up to date via Twitter and Facebook? He wouldn’t need to invest a lot of time or money but he could start writing right away.

Three workshop participants, grandparents all, said they’d read his tweets instantly – it was a huge need for new grandparents! The author gave Chuck her card and offered to help him get started.

Chuck’s a regular on Twitter now; his tweets are full of tips and suggestions based on his experiences looking after his grandchildren. He has a large and growing following. Next Step? He’s looking forward to writing a book.

When a Life’s Next Steps workshop helps to bring everything into focus, the stars align and you step onto the perfect path. Just ask Grandpa Chuck.

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