My Focus in Retirement 2011

I found that having my plan in 2010 -helping me build on strengths, identify dreams, grow by doing things I love to do, as well as finding time and room for new interests, was the best thing I could have done for myself.

2011’s plan,  encourages me to focus on MENTAL interests: grow our business online, write speeches, blogs, and webinars, that help people create the retirement they really want to live.  For PHYSICAL activities: keep meeting with my trainer once a week, play golf 3X week for at least two seasons/yr., bicycle weekly in Miami, and go cross country skiing in the Cascade Mtns.  For SOCIAL/SPIRITUAL, I have several items:  keep my membership in both reading groups, find a knitting group,  contribute to a Boys & Girls after school program, develop new relationships with people in my new home of Miami, plan next year’s trip to South America, as well as possibly a cooking group so I can learn more regional style dishes.  As always, keep my family and friends close!

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One Response to My Focus in Retirement 2011

  1. Donna Hull says:

    Wow, Suzanne. You’re retirement life sounds like it’s booming. Good luck in meeting your goals, you’ve listed some worthy ones. Have fun.

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