The benefit of “Opposites Attract”

Dave is a laissez-faire restaurateur who thinks planning is unnecessary extra work.

Alan is a corporate type with 35 years of resounding success. He loves planning and he came to the workshop determined to develop and implement his plan as he had in his career.

Somehow, Dave and Alan go together to coach each other, then they “buddied up” for a year. Theirs was, to put it mildly, an unlikely partnership.

I ran into Dave at his restaurant a few months after the workshop. As we chatted, I asked him how two such different people managed to get along so well – even now. He laughed and said, “You know, I would never have predicted that Alan and I would be successful partners but we are and I think it’s because of one key factor.

“Our brains work differently, our personalities and temperaments are different. We approach things from totally different perspectives. Alan’s perspective actually enhances my own, and vice versa. We can test our ideas in new … arenas, you could say. I think it also helps that we’re both pretty bright and we value the ability to see things from someone else’s angle.”

Seems like a great way to partner!

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