The Lone Ranger finds his Tonto

Arthur, a lawyer, kept insisting that he wanted and needed to work alone. In fact, he preferred to be alone in most parts of his life. Needless to say, his family found this to be a difficult trait to live with.

Somehow, Arthur, who claimed to be a tough sell, managed to share his dreams, aspirations, and strengths during the workshop, but I could tell it was difficult for him.

What wasn’t difficult was his pleasure at finding an old friend, Daniel, a fraternity buddy, participating in the workshop. They hadn’t seen each in 30 years, even though they lived in the same town. They spent one of their debrief sessions discussing a favorite professor.

When it came time to chose “buddy coaches” Mr. Tough Sell, declared that he had been won over and in fact, was asking Daniel to be his buddy. Their mutual task, along with implementing their Life’s Next Steps action plans, was going to be a trip back to their university to look up that professor.

Arthur is now that he wants to be more engaged with others as he faces a new phase of his life. And what a wonderful way to do it with an old friend as buddy and coach.

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