The power of self-forming groups

In one of our first workshops, four people decided to be each other’s “peer coaches”.

Four is one more than we recommend for groups but these people thought they’d be unstoppable together and that sounded good.

Their original plan was to meet periodically over a year to make sure that all four were sticking to their Life’s Next Steps plans. If one person stalled, there’d be three other people to talk to, people who knew what the “staller” wanted to achieve.

Things went so well at their first meetings that the foursome decided to make them weekend events. They’ve now met at each others’ homes, cottages, and even one person’s horse farm. They are totally motivated, still, to work on their plans, and they continue to inspire one another.

Groups like this are an excellent recipe for success. Too bad we can’t clone them, but groups must form on their own. Things would not have worked out as well if Life’s Next Steps facilitators had assigned them to work together.

The same kind of thing happened to me last week.

Two colleagues and I were having lunch with a recent workshop graduate and we talked about our own plans, our own concerns, and yes, questions we each had about what we were doing.

We all had clear plans already and were following them happily, but as we talked about those plans, someone would ask a question that made us pause.

Soon it became evident, that continuing to talk about our current status, issues we faced, and thoughts we had about the future, was something we all wanted to do. So although we all belong to different “buddy systems”, we decided that our foursome would be unstoppable.

We now lunch and dine together regularly and he group couldn’t be more supportive, more fun, more interesting, and more engaging.

What luck we all shared enough during our first lunch that we could decide we wanted to keep meeting!

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