I don’t want to do anything when I retire.

A man kept saying “I’m not sure I should be here; I don’t really want to do anything when I retire.”

We hear that every now and then but people usually change their minds once the group’s enthusiasm takes over. But this fellow kept beating the same drum. “I don’t want to do anything. Why do people even want to travel?”, he asked.

He traveled a lot in his job and didn’t understand that a lot of people looked forward to spending more traveling … big time!

At the end of the workshop he took me aside to ask one last question:

“If I want to keep working, how would I go about it?”

It occurred to me to kid him a bit and maybe ask “You mean when you retire you want to keep working at the same job?” But I didn’t. Instead, I suggested that he talk it over with his law firm partners.

I heard a few weeks ago that the firm is working out an arrangement. He won’t work in the same job but will continue to add value in key areas.

A happy ending, but the beginning was rough!

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