How a retiring baby boomer like you can create a personal life-transition plan.

You can begin by taking our “bite-size” course called Life’s Next Steps — The Essentials.

It is a workbook and video tutorial with Suzanne Armstrong explaining your steps to success.


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About Us

Suzanne and Chris Armstrong created Life’s Next Steps in response to the scarcity of information and programs dealing with the life changes facing all members of the baby boom generation. Their 50 years of experience includes training, development, change management and leadership positions at leading North American corporations.

Their expertise, own personal journeys and extensive research into the hopes, dreams and needs of boomers have been combined to create a unique, effective and inspiring program.

Suzanne Armstrong, BA, MEd.
President, Life’s Next Steps

Before we get to planning your Life's Next Steps, perhaps I should tell you about myself.

I spent 30 years working for large companies all over the world. I cut my teeth as a trainer before I was hired as worldwide director of training and development for American Express.

When I went out on my own, I focused on helping organizations prepare for and sustain major strategic change. My clients included Citibank, J.P. Morgan/Chase, AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AGF Management, Moody’s Investor Services, Deloitte, and Grey Global.

To the corporate honchos, my job was to enhance productivity and effectiveness. To the people who did the actual work, my job was to help plan and manage change. It was that "plan and manage change" part that started me thinking about setting up Life’s Next Steps with my husband, Chris.

As my own retirement got closer, I began to notice the scarcity of non-financial information about actually planning for retirement, the major life change now facing the 80 million strong baby boom generation.

So Chris and I decided to help retiring boomers plan for change with a clear road map that answers the big question: Now What? As you'll see in a few moments, even executives who are experts at change have a tough time planning their own retirements. Since it's their lives they're planning, it's almost a conflict of interest.

Most of us boomers us have planned our financial futures well, but very few of us seem to be on track to enjoying a happy, meaningful, engaged retirement. I hope you'll join us. I know you'll be glad you did.

– Suzanne

Life’s Next Steps helps people who are thinking about or in retirement create a life they will love to live.

Our program includes –

  1. Assessments, surveys and analytic tools that you use at home to start thinking about your goals, values, strengths, interests and passions.
  2. A professionally led Workshop over two half days. To be successful in the future, we need to understand ourselves so Day 1 focuses on analyzing the work you did at home and clearly identifying your goals, opportunities and challenges. On Day 2, you create the plan that will ensure you live the life you want.
  3. Ongoing consultation with the Workshop Leaders, as well as a year with a peer coach who you choose from the members of your workshop.

Boomers will redefine retirement by making it a time of meaningful, engaging and rewarding activities driven by their interests and passions.

Life’s Next Steps can help you plan and create your extraordinary retirement.